ODKit® V3 + Kydex holster w/attachment (fits one dose)

ODKit® V3 + Kydex holster w/attachment (fits one dose)

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ODKit® V3 + Kydex holster w/attachement

Medicine NOT




ODkit V3 Case Color (Black, Blue, Red)


Flat black

or basket weave

option (all kydex is black)


Attachement options:

Molle Clips, or Tek Lok for Duty Belt .


    ODkit V3 + Kydex Molded Holster Basket Weave (V2 + Kydex Basket Weave or Flat Black Holster) w/ attachment

    Medicine NOT included - Fits ONE dose of Adapt Pharma Nasal narcan blister pack

    ODkit® V3 Available in: Black, Blue and Red

    ODkit® V2 is designed to hold the new 4mg nasal only variation of Naloxone (Narcan®) First responders are carrying on the streets.

    ODkit® V3 is a rugged plastic case that protects your medicine from the elements in a crush resistant box, while holstered in a custom molded holster providing an extra level of protection. All V3 products are made with 2 layers of temperature insulating materials allowing better care for your life saving medicine.

    ***No materials can provide true, 100% temperature regulation unless external devices / motors are installed.

    The 4mg Nasal NARCAN® single medicine slides in securely, in its original packaging, and snaps shut providing an extra layer of water resistance. Thumb/finger release to open

    Kydex Basket Weave or Flat black holster attachement options:

    molle (best option for duty belt) , Or Tek-Lok

    *ODkit® V3 and Holster only. . Does not include medicine and gloves.


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