Horizontal loop ODkit™ V2 + Custom Nylon holster (holds 1 dose NARCAN® nasal)

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Horizontal loop OdKit™ V2 + Custom nylon holster

V2 Case Available in Black, Blue and Red 

Available only in BLACK nylon.


ODkit V2 is designed to hold one dose of new 4mg nasal only variation of  Narcan® First responders are carrying on the streets.

(medicine and gloves not included)


    OD KIT V2 is designed to hold one dose of the 4mg nasal only variation of Naloxone(Narcan®) First responders are carrying on the streets.

    ODkit V2 is a hard plastic case that protects your medicine from the elements in a crush resistant box, while holstered in a rugged nylon holster. All ODkit V2 products are made with 2 layers of temperature insulating materials allowing better care for your life saving medicine. ***No materials can provide true, 100% temperature regulation unless external devices / motors are installed.

    The 4mg/ Double dose single medicine slides in securely, in its original packaging, and snaps shut providing an extra layer of water resistance.  

    Thumb/finger release to open


    Order will be shipped within 24 hours of receipt. 

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